first post… here

I have created a personal blog. The third such attempt in the last 8 years. i have a couple others with tumbleweeds on blogger. This time I have more ideas swimming in my head than i have outlets to convey and capture them. Thus, I am busting out of my 140 character shackles and posting my thoughts in extended form.

As for the design i’ve chosen… it’s stock. that works for me, because i am busy. I like that it is minimalistic. I like that i did not just say minimal and i went with the full on -istic. These are the thoughts i wish to explore and expound upon more. I say ‘thus’ a lot, hence this sentence. ‘hence’ is a favorite too. followed closely by ‘circa’. You something is well established if it has a ‘circa’ on it. anything that is ‘circa’ anything has a story to tell for sure.

enough about me… oh wait this is mostly about me. let the posting begin.


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