Share everything… Unless youre presenting

By now I assume we must be wired to share and broadcast. Facebook is a revolution based on the extreme adoption from all walks of life. Despite the risks and the big brother talk, we share on to the world.

Strangely this trend has not really carried over to a lot of the presentations I’ve seen lately. Very rarely are the presented from a personal point of view. They frequently generalizations and stats and such. The best presenters I’ve seen are fabulous story tellers. They frequently open with an engaging story that encapsulated the vision of the talk. Jared spool is a great example of a great story teller.

The point:
I saw a presentation the other day that was a very personal retrospective about the journey toward becoming a tech geek like myself. The entire presentation was an introspective account of the presenters life. It was the kind of tale that make one realize just how similar we are. It was full of great inspirations and influences that shed a very clear light on why we seem wired to dive into the world of the web.

By looking back it is clear that human nature does not change, but the medium of expression evolves.

In short, it was refreshing to attend a presentation so full of ‘me too’ moments and ‘that’s what we’ve been trying say’ revelations.

I hope she posts a version for me to link to, but better if you get a chance to see it live.


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