Nifty blog post actions widget

Screen clipping taken: 11/20/2008, 10:44 AM

What caught my eye
I like the interactivity within this panel above the posts on this site that I came across (via an entirely unrelated search). It struck me that it was more interactive than what you usually see. Seems like a control panel with some heft.

The Downside
The fact that it is not that common works for it and against it. The actions for each of the icons are unpredictable. Some open a panel (a la yahoo search help) while some, like the stars icon, take you to another page (ouch). I would have expected to be able to rate the post or to have seen the ratings details. Instead it takes you to a search results page of other 5 star posts. Only after coming back to the page did I notice that the “+ -” signs were for my rating… Oh wait. That’s not the case. They are “Digg”-esque ratings.

So… there’s much to be desired functionally, but an interesting concept to make the tools so meaty.


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