Huh… Google customization and comments?

Screen clipping taken: 11/20/2008, 10:56 PM

Google surprised me today. Although I never know whether or not new features are the result of some plug-in that I downloaded (I go on a spree sometimes). I think this one is all Google. Apparently I can customize my search results by ranking stuff and putting publicly available comments on things.

I may warm up to this idea (change is hard even for mostly-early adopters). I’ll have to sleep on it. My initial reaction though is… Doesn’t Google already give me the most relevant results of any search engine? That was after I reacted with the headline ‘huh…’ Then I thought – Why would I muck with success? Am I really going to fix my Google results?

[Update: This is a feature that has been tested for a while but released at large last night. Here is the Lifehacker post about it – Google Launches SearchWiki for Custom-Ordered Search Results]


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