Select a Date: How is this not completely standardized by now?

Did a search for a room for an upcoming weekend trip. Came across myriad ways that sites still use to ask you the dates of your stay. My favorite are where I can pick one date and it assumes I am going to stay for a couple of nights. That seems simple, so why would sites Leave today’s date in the check-out field when I want to check in next Saturday. Why bother to prepopulate the field? The last image I grabbed was the worst of the lot in my travels. I needed to make _6_ selections on tiny form field elements in order to select my dates. Then I found there was no availability for those date. I could have checked 3 times for the same clickage.


Just struck me as I was making the booking and comparing rates – I am surprised that something so extremely common is not more standardized than it is. I wonder if it is the case of a lot of wheel reinventing. I’m sure at least one site has tested the heck out of different variations and nailed it. There does not need to be _one_ way to do it, because I am sure there are variations in audience and need, but perhaps we could at least stick with the most efficient ways by now.


Below are some grabs from my travels.





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