‘No Data’ – Elegant first-time experiences

I am trying out Alice.com and came across the “Budgeting” section. I enjoy the way they give me a flavor of what to expect from the section even though I am too new to have any data available. It is nice that they don’t assume that I buy 5,000 bars of soap each year because I have placed one order in the last 2 days.


What I like about this solution:

  1. I get to see the benefits of the feature
  2. We get to know each other:
    1. It doesn’t start making assumptions with very limited data. The danger of such assumption: It makes it clear that you don’t know me. Personal financial management sites make this assumption a lot. They start making recommendations even though they only know one month of my spending habits. I’d rather a process where we get to know each other a bit.



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