60 posts in 60 days: From Thinker to Communicator

This is not Julie and Julia type stuff or anything. It’s just that the most successful people i’ve met in my life have a common trait. They just do stuff. And they do that stuff a lot. Sometimes it is not just doing stuff – it is making stuff. I tend to over think things, from blog posts… to this sentence. Therefore, i am going to try to take a different approach to getting my thoughts out into the world. I am just going to write stuff. For sixty days i will write a blog post. Mostly about UX and nerdy stuff, but also about thinky stuff. I’ve got a lot of thinky stuff i’ve come up with that will perhaps gel by simply getting some words into a digital format.

This is not completely out of the blue. I thought of it while i was rocking my son to sleep and, you guessed it, thinking. These last few months i have been challenging my body and my stomach, by eating right and exercising with more regularity than i have in many years. My brain needs to get in on the action. This was the response my brain gave me when another part of it thought “how could i challenge myself to think differently?” So — this is my mental treadmill. My mental carb-free detox.

The key to this little epiphany is to give it the morning test. Back when i identified myself as a songwriter, i was always brilliant and pure genius at 2:30 AM. The song and the mood were perfect and I was on my way to touching hearts across the globe with it. Then i would wake up in the morning with a more realistic perspective and a fresh ear. The songs often had less… brilliance in the clean-slate mindset of morning. So, this too shall have to pass the morning test.

Here’s hoping… there’s one post. 59 more to go.

oh yeah… off the top of my head, ground rules for myself:

  1. no top five or ten lists of anything (though i am, at times, attracted to them like a moth to flame)
  2. no fillers: e.g., linking to someone else’s post without ample commentary contributed by my brain
  3. learn from every post
  4. no holding back
  5. actually try to promote/share it and risk people actually seeing my scrawl (gulp)

ok… now here goes…

oh yeah. Blogs generally have a link in the post… This is the inspiration behind the silly blog title. While i always wanted to be like Milo, I most related to Binkley.


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