Facebook is writing checks my ux can’t cash

silly title. very tired, but here i am posting my innermost thought about my chosen profession… well… it’s a thought anyway.

Facebook! what about it, j? Well, i’m glad you asked. It has a pretty big user base. For some, it is their first foray into the world of the web. To that parent, or grandparent who embarrassingly friends someone – Facebook is the very definition of what a user experience should be. There are a lot of eyeballs on facebooks design choices. their are a lot of interactions that are being established and have a good chance of sticking when Facebook makes the choice to include them… or not.

I think that could go to a uxers head if one is not a slight bit humble. There is one feature though that makes me wonder if the designers of this site don’t somehow know the influence they could have. They have chosen to eliminate the top right close button on their modal windows. instead relying on the bottom right action to “Close” or say “ok”. I quite enjoy this choice and have since adopted it. I don’t know if it improves a user’s experience or not (yet), but i know it challenges a seriously de-facto standard, and that’s cool.

There has not been any special interest group created to bring back the little “X” button. I guess such a small decision does not bring up the angst that a total homepage makeover evokes.

To do for me:
Explore some of the interesting design choices made by Facebook. Love them or hate them, they may be the next de facto standard.


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