Updated: Just make sh*t up. Marketers love to do that.

This post is hypo-allergenic and complete with micro-dermabrasion. It also contains regenerist to open pores and flagellate your senses.
There are some moments when I truly realize just how much marketing jargon gets caught in my brain. Those moments are usually around the time i am watching a commercial with a word that sounds like something i need to have, but upon further thought, is just made up.

Certs has Retsyn. Awesome. why would i choose any other brand? My coffee cannot claim to have Retsyn, so it must be  better than that. Also, it must be very difficult to choose from all of the different make-up choices on the market. What did the human race do before we discovered micro-dermabrasion?

The best and most sticky has to be hypoallergenic. That is the bar to which all other made up words aspire. This is a word that sounded so good it actually accepted as a measure of whether or not the product will give you a crazy allergic reaction or not. The FDA tried to make it legit, but failed. The companies that use this word wanted to maintain its ambiguous goodness.

That’s brilliant, but what does it mean?
Well… not sure. The is 4 of 60 and I am still revving up. I am wiped this evening and I need to create a post that seems like it has a point, but that truly does not. I am ahead of the game by disclosing that. So, this post is my Retsyn. Hopefully some sleep and a day back at the mines will stir my brain a bit.

Update: Upon further reflection I realized that there are two tactics at work in the above post:

  1. Making sh*t up
  2. Emphasizing complicated words for real stuff — My shampoo this this morning reminded me that an ingredient with a funny name can be a memorable differentiator. The best book I’ve ever read on marketing words (made up or otherwise) is The 22 immutable laws of marketing by Jack Trout

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