I’m friggin obsessed with my blog stats…

and they are horrible…

The numbers on the left do _not_ represent thousands... btw

I can’t even imagine what folks who have a larger reach do with themselves, other than refresh the “Blog Stats” link on the dashboard within wordpress. I have a little trouble with the fact that the image i am staring at in this post is stale data by my refresh ability’s standards. This could become a problem… I’m willing to risk it.

Horrible stats are to be expected at this point. I am really just revving up. The whole purpose of my 60 in 60 experiment is to get my chops up and see whether I am indeed a blogger. Otherwise I just return to being a voracious consumer via gReader and feedly.

What can I tell so far from my small sample?
Clearly I’ve got the dreaded double-dip going on. It appears talking about people being Jerks, especially when it is posted on a Saturday, is not going to win me any loyal readers.

I’ve not promoted the site very much — a couple of Facebook links and a twitter post for every blog post.

My wife called it – Tuesdays will be the best
So far she is spot on. But how do I know if I am just more interesting on Tuesdays or people are more bored? I may never know. But I have a feeling posting at midnight every night will have an impact on readership.

Huh… Based on my reading habits, I probably would not read me
Most of the stuff I click on is more trend related or one of those “5 ways to do x…” and “25 sweet this…”. I just can’t quit them. Interestingly enough, I guess I am not my own core audience.

After my 60 posts I will assess all of these things, with the help of the crack that is the blog stats. I am also tracking offline stuff like my moods during posts, etc. in order to round out the picture.

Since it is the weekend… I will keep both of you posted 🙂


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