I’m in love with an app and i don’t care who knows it!

I am completely enamored by the elegant design choices made by a recently released version of Reeder.

I am the taeget user for this app because it does the one thing every other app has not so far — allow me to access content in a smartly-designed browsing environment. While the honeymoon phase may end, and I may find flaws, for now there are myriad high-points:

The design is art
My father was a carpenter/contractor who was amazing at his trade. As a youngster, I remember a burley client of Italian descent telling him “nickie – you’re not a carpenter, you’re a fu**ing artist.” I understood what he meant. There are ways to do something many others do, yet do it in a way that just seems like the ‘right’ way.

The makers of Reeder are fu**ing artists. They’ve made an app that does not just copy defacto standards from apps that came before it. They use every pixel to enable a seemless experience between me and the content through which i want to sift.

Risk-free surfing
The content is completely integrated and the experience flows. And there are not five preview steps before i get to the meat. Every app i have downloaded for reading my feeds on the mobile have made me afraid to click a link for fear of getting stuck waiting for a page to load from the actual site or getting stuck in spoon-fed preview mode.

Use of the screen real-estate
Phenomenal use of the iphone screen. The most delightful nuance is the use of the standard utility bar to display status of caching. This feature is smart because it won’t remove my clock — so i can read my feeds and not miss my stop on the train.

Sharing is easy
Hallelujah. Its amazing how long it has taken for apps to integrate the level of sharing that desktop experiences have. This app makes it sooo easy and it does it in such a simple and seamless way. The ability to choose whether to include the title and or link was a nice touch.

Transitions are cherry
The movement makes it seem like the application is in sync with my own movements. By the time a transition is complete, it picks up right where i left off.

My favorite design details
1. The tiny arrow in place of tabs. Very clean. (thought it could optimize the space a bit if the arrow pointed the other way. As if to say this content belongs to this category – instead of the other way around).
2. A high and normal contrast view.
3. The visual hierarchy of the titles and supporting details.

For a few years i’ve been using Google Reader to help me scan through thousands of posts from hundreds of websites that have interested me. This app has finally, finally made a mobile experience that makes that feasible on the road.

Where did i learn about it?
From this post in the TechCrunch feed


2 thoughts on “I’m in love with an app and i don’t care who knows it!

  1. I read the same article and installed the app right away. It’s my new replacement for Byline and I couldn’t agree more with you.

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