UX is like the island of misfit toys

Face it. We’re nerds. Not everybody could carry on a conversation about the rift between Steve Jobs and Macromedia (Adobe) and be riveted by the other person’s perspective on the topic. It takes a special breed to do what we do.

I have had a night out this evening and I am feeling reflective… do you get what i’m saying… haven’t been out in a while… someone else was buying… hmmmm…. ok – I’ve imbibed a little bit. Hence the ensuing “80s-flashback-episode” nature of this post.

So, this fine evening I had a friend order a fish that, when it came out on the plate, actually looked like a fish. It had eyeballs and all. This reminded me of a fella who ordered a fish during a usability testing week down in Florida. That got me thinking about my career as a UX professional.

After 12 years, the moments that stand out the most are moments like fish with eyeballs and “tweet-ups” before tweet-ups were semi-mainstream. The sites and application are great – even the features that I’ve battled to get through the gauntlet of naysayers in order to see the light of day. But the relationships I’ve forged with other nerds like myself have really defined my career.

Good night. and thanks.


One thought on “UX is like the island of misfit toys

  1. That fish still haunts me! While you are getting all nostalgic, i still remember the day we presented all the wireframes to that ’round table’ of senior management. That single presentation seemed to really capture the essence of that entire project. The room full of naysayers, the strange agency/client relationship, the spotlight on the design, the ‘concern’ of what we were going to deliver followed by the relief that we nailed it.

    As much as I remember the awesomeness of the design, what stands out more is the satisfaction we shared as a team and the fun we had pulling it all together and the eyeballs on that fish.

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