What was I thinking? Nothing – I was reading…

Tonight I feel like I have a book report due and I have not read the book. What I have read is a ton of blog posts from others. The iPhone app had me completely hooked on my feeds all day. I was reading during walks between buildings and on the train. I think I filled my Brain with so much information, I pushed my own ideas right out. Here is a summary of my travels – maybe capturing them will help all of that reading gel into an idea…

The usual suspects
I of course looked at several list posts, like “50 elegant designs that use old time type” and such. But

I noticed a trend developing… One which I’m sure will have an infographic someday
Maybe it is just the stuff that I am reading, but there are a crap load of infographics out there. Two struck me as interesting. One was funny and one was useful.

First, the funny: Powerpoint and Dying Kittens. That one will be a classic for the dataVis set.

Next, the useful: Facebook Facts & Figures. I actually quoted some figures while making the case for a particular feature today.

And just to complete the circle of blog life: 10 amazing resources for infographic collections (a site with a list of sites that compile lists of infographics. That is a Bingo!)

An interesting deep dive
Once in a while a concept will gel in my mind that hadn’t before. Usually it was never front and center enough to warrant the cognitive muscle to form it into a concept. Today i read Scoble’s The seven needs of real-time curators. The concept that gelled was the idea of being a “curator”. Of course that’s a thing. And of course that’s what many blogs have done for years. The article was a good journey into the mind of someone who has spent enough time doing something to recognize the gaps, solutions and possible pitfalls.

Huh… that makes me think of the impact of real-time on experience design. This is another variation of that theme. The blog used to be enough of a vehicle for creating collections (bundles) of information across the web. But mixing real-time into that creates whole new challenges for the curator. Yes. That’s what I will write about… if i weren’t done for the evening. But I will let that simmer and see if I can’t extend my ‘impact’ thoughts… phew.


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