Are trading apps the best precedent for real-time web?

chart showing distribution across engagement and update frequency
Trading apps set the closest precedent according to my very scientific four-square

This is a veeerrry quick sketch. There are two dimensions, but I am kind off cramming about 5 into it. Four which are visible and one that is in my mind (so you can’t see it).

Trading applications are real-time, auto-refresh experiences. They also have a not-so-common balance of passive and active engagement. This balance of attributes is very similar to twitter apps and even facebook. This is not something that was common to the web before real-time data was entered by humans and able to be served on the scale it is today. We are used to solving interaction challenges in a state-to-state manner (page load… stop… page load… stop…).

Experience designers will face a lot of challenges creating tools that accommodate an always on, dip-in dip-out engagement model. If our trajectory is toward those real-time applications that have a balance of passive and active engagement, it may make sense to look at some ways this is represented in trading applications.

etrade pro redesign... going to take the online tour now.

in a subsequent post… I need to work on that graphic now. Like add a key to the colors or something… ok. it needs work.


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