I’m suddenly driven to get one

People are on vacation. People are celebrating various holidays. No one is reading a blog with a silly title. But here i am, posting away. This one is done on the iphone app – thus virtually no formatting or pictures.

So… as i plan out a patio, mondo swingset, other various backyard fixins, i cant help but wonder if there is room in the budget for a particular gadget… Not a big screen tv. The old crt works just fine… Its the ipad. You knew that already. No? Welll, yes.

Watching modern family and cracking up at the blatent ipad commercial that is the episode. The funniest part is the crossed signal in the baby monitor – btw. But i cant help but get a little endorphin rush when i view the scenes about the gadget.

I was going to buy yankee tickets. Good ones. Ones that add up to…. About an ipad. We’ll see. As i write this on my iphone i cant help but think about the new category of gadget with a bevy of new interactions paradigms. The buzz from bloggers has contributed to my recent ferver. Maybe i’ve also been subjected to some sort of subliminal messaging.

Gonna give it the morning test. Happy Easter.


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