Due to technical constraints

There are many decisions we make while designing application experiences because of the limitations of the web. Shifts in experience models happen when constraints are lifted and ‘bottled-up’ solutions become possible. Perhaps considering these constraint-based decisions will give a glimpse into the future.

Example: AJAX put the web on the map in terms of delivering valuable web applications. It took away many constraints associated with the state to state nature of the web. The type-ahead search is a major enhancement to emerge as a result if that.

A few i can think of:

paginating a data grid: we often consider the time and server hit when designing big data grids. Cloud technologies are eroding that constraint, but it will be around a while.

loading animations: sometimes whole screens tell you stuff is loading. I think this constraint will always be present. Every time we get more memory or processing speed we up the ante on the apps.

’20 minute delay’ text: the web is not real-time. It is, at best, a mish mosh of information in various states of being and refresh times. The ideal state is real-time auto-refresh with user controls over the faucet. Myriad upgrades need to occur in order to be rid of these little helpers.

Sure there are more. Too tired at the moment to dig deeper. Flagging for follow-up.


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