Experience design rules

It does. But the title is really referring to the actual rules, which if followed, will lead to more successes than not (trying to not to oversell their benefits). The rules are made up in my head, but are based on my experience. I follow most of them.

1. Follow a grid. It will help as projects get bigger and layouts need to vary. Don’t just leave it up to the visual design phase to determine the variations.
2. Create an ID system. But not too soon. An system where other documents refer to page numbers within a wireframe deck will fall apart quickly.
3. Create a versioning syatem and include dates on everything. This stuff gets out of date quickly and this will help to stay on the same page.
4. Don’t go too deep, too soon. Establish desirability of a feature or set of features before figuring out every possible variation.

Thats a start… Will delve further into this in future posts.


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