Feel free to skip this one… seriously, it’s ok.

I enjoy print design. I enjoy the selection of beautiful fonts, and elegant papers. I even like the smell of a freshly printed piece, fresh off the line on a print check. But the concept of designing for something that has a final state is seems like a distant memory. Designing for a digital medium required me to shift the way i go about solving problems. I’ve come to learn that, the more comfortable I am with chaos, the more successful my work becomes.

Designing digital experiences requires a much richer understanding of the forces that led to the current state.  The experience itself can change and the problems the experience is solving will change. The good news is, digital experiences can be modified. The bad news is, that change can be ugly.

Experience design is not about creating order out of chaos. It is about finding the order within it. If I were to try to create the perfect application design, with every piece neatly fit where it belongs, the design would fail very quickly. Observing the factors that led to the existing state can give decisions a better shot at standing the test of time.

What am I trying to say here…? Experience design is not a static puzzle to be solved. The pieces are constantly changing to the point where the edgers (with the flat sides) suddenly become the middle piece with no discernible characteristic other than the shape of the dangler and the cut out portion…. Wait, I just used a print metaphor. That’s not what I am trying to say…

Designing for change is a cause I can stand behind… Yeah, that’s the ticket! that’s what I am trying to say!

I don’t know. Tomorrow I will go with the “content strategy for application design” post I’ve been batting around. That one is more concrete.


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