The iPad of my dreams

Actually, just an iPad-ish item that crept into my dreams. You know you have been thinking of this stuff too much when you are enamored by gadgets in your dreams.

This time it was a panoramic touch-screen device of an iPad-like nature. I was in a restaurant with a spelunking theme and the menu arrived. It was no ordinary menu. It was the touch-screen and the interface was quite slick (at least that’s how my brain perceived the experience I was making up in my mind).


The hardware was like an iPad, but more rectangular. I could see the past orders that I have placed at this spelunking restaurant, so it must have been personalized somehow. The menu was texty and scrolley (my brain was not thinking out of the box so much). I could drill into the items and see a 3D-ish image that was a “live” view (meaning it was like the pictures at Hogwarts as opposed to a static image). There was also a feature to see what others in the restaurant were ordering around me….

Then I was driving a truck and I woke up.


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