So… What did it take?

First iPad sharing of a link was slow going. About 30 minutes to do something that takes about 45 seconds on the pc with a plugin. I am sure there are quicker ways to create that post, but I have not unearthed them yet. I do plan on only using mobile devices to manage this blog from now on. Hopefully the process gets smoother. I do wonder whether my posting style will change at all or whether I will adapt to find ways to replicate it.

I don’t do too much fancy formatting but I do like to style text and i often like to accompany a post with an image that is generally a screengrab of some kind. Another thing to note is I am trying to post this from a train with a transfer and a tunnel.

A few things stood out in trying to create the last post…

  1. typing su-hucks on this device compared to the pc. We knew that already, but the amount of thinking I had to do to type the text was much greater than pc land.
  2. positioning the cursor is a royal pain. Fixing a mistake, especially in concert with autocorrect evoked several “gah!! Doh!!” moments. This pain is ratcheted up when trying to copy and paste stuff.
  3. getting the content was tough. Just trying to coordinate the copy paste of a title and the link was tough. Getting the picture was less painful than anticipated. I am sure I could edit the photos a bit too. That may actually prove smoother than the pc flow.
  4. I still don’t really know what the post looks like
  5. getting the article from flipboard to a format that yielded the URL was a chore.
  6. one slick feature was the ability to swipe to change apps.

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