The z-layer in mobile designs

There are several key interactions design innovations that solve for the constraints of mobile experiences with elegance. The physics of swiping is one. What is the first interaction shown on any demo? The elegant “you can swipe it” motion. Another key area for innovation is certain app’s usage of the z-layer – pretending this stuff […]

Big Numbers Evidence: Old School 37 Signals

Figured i would post evidence i come across that supports the ideas that the web needs more big numbers (and they of course need to be relevant numbers). Found this while getting distracted from a search for Ruby on Rails info (completely unrelated):

What I found…

An old school side project by the folks at 37Signals that concluded a big number should be the most salient element on a PayPal confirmation screen. (“How we made it better: We made the dollar amount the most obvious element on the page”). I think that made the page a lot better, especially considering it will send that much of my money to someone on my next click.

Not sure if it was ever implemented, but it certainly makes sense.