(over)Exploring a metaphor to test its meddle…

I’m exploring (hey, that’s a metaphor too) an exercise where I (over?)extend a root metaphor to see just how well it could help me tell a particular story. The story is about a client engagement from a User Experience perspective. I’m trying to thread together a discussion. here goes:

Cruise ship as project…

  • Goal: Get from point A to Point (n)
  • Change of direction is hard and slow going (obvious one)
  • Launch is always a party
  • The navigation system is key to maintain the course
  • We get onboard with the client
    • Sometimes we board while at sea
    • Sometimes we have to finish the ship before we can launch
  • Hope to not sink
  • Hope to not hit something really big
  • Get involved with the activities on board
    • A shuffleboard game could build a key relationship
  • Our challenge is to plan the course, usually while we are already cruising
  • You can only take so many shots to the hull before it bursts
  • Sometimes pirates take over the ship
  • Something about there being no one at the helm
  • Something about Isaac from Love Boat
  • Some journeys run out of gas and are left adrift
  • Some sink
    • Even the wreckage can tell a story

Other general nautical metaphors:

found on Wiki-pedia. Thought starters to extend further —

“Thanks to the historical importance of seafaring in British culture, the English language is rich in related metaphors from the age of sail. Some examples are:

  • Taken aback
  • Batten down the hatches
  • Clear the decks
  • Loaded to the gunwales
  • Back and fill
  • On one’s beam ends
  • Awash
  • Nail one’s colours to the mast
  • Flying the flag
  • Plain sailing
  • With flying colours
  • In the doldrums
  • All hands to the pumps
  • Take soundings
  • Weathering a storm
  • Swinging the lead
  • All set
  • Left high and dry
  • May the wind always be at your back and may you have following seas”

Other finds:

Has legs, but i don’t know yet if i’ll run with it. only sea legs (rim shot).