What goes into creating quality?

Note to self to look into creating quality anything. are there common activities that lead to quality? I picture attention to detail, taking the time, continuous iteration, Etc. have to consider the objectivity of quality, can we agree on a definition to even start the discussion? Consider other attributes that go into quality – strength, durability, reliability. Consider products and experiences. Could also lead to conversation about the connection points in an experience.


The z-layer in mobile designs

There are several key interactions design innovations that solve for the constraints of mobile experiences with elegance. The physics of swiping is one. What is the first interaction shown on any demo? The elegant “you can swipe it” motion. Another key area for innovation is certain app’s usage of the z-layer – pretending this stuff […]

What it’ll take for tablets to replace pcs… For blogging

This post is partly an experiment and partly a link I think is worth reading. Equal parts. I discovered the link in flipboard and am trying to post here as I would if I found it on my laptop. I found the article at 8:18 – so i will see how long the process takes. Of course i will have to factor in this blurb.


What it’ll take for tablets to replace PCs
Posted by Yasir Hossain on Apr 2, 2012


With features like LTE connectivity, ultra-high-resolution displays, and laptop-like processing power, tablets have made their way into tens of millions of homes, and they’ve done it seemingly overnight. But despite popularity that borders on ubiquity and specs that edge them ever closer to desktops, it’s a rare house where a tablet has replaced a full-fledged computer. Why is that? Why haven’t more people scrapped their PCs for the sleeker, cheaper tablets?…

What i think about stuff… As of today

– communication is the only reliable process
– if you are not using real content you are just fucking around.
– becoming a user is humbling. It’s amazing what happens when you rely on something you designed to get info. I’ve tested the app, but i never actually used it until today.
– curation is like the sucker fishes: the ecosystem depends on it.
– if you don’t have a network, whatever you build will be useless. No matter how fancy or state of the art. The biggest and worst assumption that gets made is that there will be a critical mass of people to participate in the community.
– questions are so much better than answers sometimes. The Socratic method is underutilized (except by those who overutilize it and are annoying).